Listening well is essential. I create interiors for houses where people can live and thrive.

I am deeply conscious of what people expect of me. Taking into consideration what they ultimately desire and require must be reflected in my ideas and my recommendations.

My ultimate goal is that the interiors, the atmosphere and the decorative elements that I design and describe, recommend and realise, result in a strong, vibrant house.

I take pride in doing my work with a warm heart and a clear head in order to achieve beautiful, and at the same time, well thought-out solutions.


In my profession I believe in:

Aristocratic, simplicity and harmony.

A truly complete house, created with love.

Timeless modernity.

A place to retreat to a quite refuge for relaxation and exertion, inspiration and creation.

The difference between “oh” and “oh, wow!”



The feeling of happiness with real quality. The difference between real and imitation is striking; to the eyes of outsides, and even more so in the experience of the actual occupants of a house. I always recommend choosing the real, the authentic. Furnishing your home with real quality is an incomparably great pleasure… which resonates for years to come.


Strong is bold and refined. The combination of simple, clear and bold lines, along with loving detailing, make the interior of a house strong and durable. Actually, you can’t have one quality without the other. Otherwise, bold becomes coarse and refined becomes kitsch.


Colour makes spaces larger, smaller, longer, broader, higher, lower, lighted or indeed darker. Colour should create space, a feeling of intimacy; to be able to challenge, and even to seduce.


I particularly like to use natural materials. Wood, natural stone, 100% pure materials. ‘The real thing’ in honest and you never tire of it. Working and surrounding yourself with pure and timeless quality adds distinction to your life.

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Pascale Grasveld - Kerstens

p.grasveld@signepascale.com nederland

+31 6 22 54 69 44

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